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Dyno & ECU Tuning

ecu mapping


We offer custom ecu mapping for mostly European motorcycles. Some domestic and Japanese available. The Dukes of Cycle offers detailed mapping for ‘your’ bike, not the same bike in another country with a generic map downloaded or uploaded to your ecu mailed to a stranger in another country. We take your bike with its mods if any, Canadian fuels, our altitudes, our barometric pressures, and our humidity levels and create a custom most efficient, cool running, optimal power and torque producing map. This is done on our dyno in house utilizing state of the art tooling and most importantly the knowledge to tune engines.

With our dyno we also diagnose engines that are not running most efficiently and or incorrectly. We also tune to custom mods done by our clients and in house; i.e. custom exhausts, custom airboxes and custom engine mods.

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