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On the Bench

See what's currently going on in the shop!

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Recent blog posts

2016 Moto GP & WSBK Seasons Around the corner!!

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

An exciting time in 2016 as so many circumstances and products have been implemented in Moto GP and WSBK/Supersport this year.  Everyones looking forward to another great battle of the Rivals in the sport and a continuation of last years season which may be one of the best in history (motogp).

WSBK isnt far behind in drama either as teams like Ducati are planning on going even harder this year for a title. Riders like Nicky Hayden joining the riders list.  Marco Melandri (former champion) testing for MV Agusta has also caused some attention.  MV looking to develop further and charge to the top with their F4RC this year.  BMW is coming on strong as well.  All teams looking to catch the ever consistent ZX10R with pilot Rea on board - dominating.  Ducatis Chaz Davies hopes to take that championship away from him.  Its going to be great. 

In SSP, MV Agusta has caught the attention of riders and teams for sure!  More riders will be on board the F3675 trying to top the charts with a very competitive bike.  Again everyones chasing Kawasaki's ZX6 with Sofuoglu leading.  Watch out for him, Gino Rea on MV this year and Cluzel looking to pass the ZX6 and bring a title back to Italy's town of Varese where the MV's are bred.


MotoGP has new electronics meaning everyone shares the same system.  Magnetti Marelli will be the provider of the Unified Software.  Bridgestone is no longer and Michelin is now in - working hard mind you to develop a tire ready to race with in Qatar coming soon in March.  2016 also has new bikes for the factory teams raising challenges for all riders.  Its a whole new season.  Whatever happened last year, doesnt matter.  Everyones starting at the same point.  It should be alot fun to watch the teams and riders progress.  Cant wait!!!


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MALICIOUS MALWARE!! WHAT? ...dukes website down.,,,really? Sorry to all!

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

Apologies!!  Last week, the week of the 20th doesnt my host suspend my site due to malicious malware/corrupting files. 

What a joke?  Who takes the time to commit such crimes..(i think its a crime) on a site or a business as small as The Dukes Of Cycle.  Is this for real?  Or is someone(s) trying to take advantage?  host?  hmmmm, perhaps. 

Well, after the week of troubleshooting were back live online.  I just find it really really weird.  What are people coming to?

Peace out, gotta go back to wrenching.   

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A word on todays motorcycles, technology, and service!

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog



Consumers are forced to make decisions based on numbers and results, ultimately through some sort of racing.  Whether its tarmac, dirt, sand, even ice, manufactures battle to sell their products so the company name sells.  2015 has these manufacturers showing strengths in engineering and technology like we've never seen before.  This technology shows up right out of a box in your local dealers finding the streets in your hands and mine.  Its truly incredible.  A blog needed only about those details...

Motorcycles of today, in fact for years now, have not been like the once "bicycle with engine" days were and any handyman can fix them.  Those were somewhat acceptable in the 70's and 80's.  Heck, even auto mechanics were certifiying them.  The good old simple engines and carbs with a 5 wire harness are long gone and those primitive hydraulics for suspensions have me looking back and wondering how the heck they rode those.

Well, your motorcycle was and now more then ever needs to be maintained - and better then your cars.  See cars are more expendable and most people lease not worrying too much about them.  - Cant lease a motorcycle.!  Point being we have to take care of our motorcycles.  Not to mention the safety aspect. 

**What we need to note is Preventitive Maintenace.  Scheduled maintenance intervals will ensure youre touring or racing will last a long time with no break downs. 

The cost in the long term is priceless as is insurance on your house or life for that matter.  That being said, it leads me to the moral of this blog.  "You must maintain or enhance or service your motorcycle by qualified and proven technicians or establishments."



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WSBK SuperSport Race 2 Chang Circuit Thailand

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog


Due to a crash Zannetti on his F3 did not finish.  Cluzel on his MV led the race until 3 laps left when a mechanical failure caused him to pull off the track in disappointment. 

Thai rider Wilairot who was in second place behind Cluzel ends up winning his first ever SuperSport race and only his second ever podium finish all on home soil!!  Was a treat and a memorable moment for the Thai in the Chang Circuit.

MV Agustas Reparto Corse team have some work cut out for themselves but we all know racing and how difficult it is.  Although MV had a crash and a breakdown, they were still at the front of the circuit very competively and that to me is already exciting!! 

Dont count them out...Next race will be on the 12th Of April in my favourite country of Spain!!!  Check it out.



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MV Agusta Eldor ECU tuning coming soon!!

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

Were excited to announce that our in house software is now compatible with MV Agustas new Eldor ECU's.  All 2013's and up will have ecu tuning available.  Brutale 675/800, F3675/800, F4, Dragster, Rivale, Stradale.  It has never been offered!  Smoother power delivery, cooler running, more power, excellent throttle response, increased/decreased engine braking and more.  Engine mods, Custom exhaust installs, catalytic removals, increased air flow filters, race track fuel; all significantly improve bikes overall performance and rideability when properly tuned utilizing stock ecu, no add ons and by experienced tuners/MV certified.

Please inquire within. 

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MV Agusta 1st & 2nd Finish at Phillip Island WSBK/WSSP

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog   WSBK race 1   WSSP race 1



It was the 25th Anniversary of WSBK racing at Phillip Island, Australia to begin the 2015 season.  The climate was perfect and the track temperature was over 40 degrees.  It is the middle of summer for the Australians.

All the teams worked hard and were excited to get the race on.  In this blog I will focus only on the italian brand MV Agusta.  It has been over thirty years since MV has competed in any racing.  This year to be an important one.  The supersport class would be running the F3675 and for superbike, the F4RC model.  The F4 would be a developing year but in the first race the bike looked strong and Camier finished a strong tenth moving up the standings starting from behind the grid.  The F3675 Reparto Corse Team led by technical director Brian Gillen was a force to be reckon with as the bike had pole position. 

I had the oppurtunity to meet Brian Gillen back in 2012 in Varese Italy at the MV factory and he left a strong impression in my mind and was an admiral individual.  He must be so proud of the F3 after spending countless hours of R&D into it.  No one is better for the position then him. 

The Supersport race began with a tremendous start and the competition was fierce but the strong three cylinder MV's took a demanding lead and did not look back finishing 1st and 2nd.  Were looking forward to the season for MV both in SSP and SBK.  I think its time we see MV in the winning race circuit and I have a feeling the AMG Mercedes 25% shareholder will be a contributing factor.  We havent seen MV in the racing scene since Giacomo Agostini dominated with his MV back in the 60's and 70's.

I know I will be watching, will you?

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Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

The Dukes Of Cycle were asked to collaberate with MV Agusta Canada and Royal MV to display current models for Holt Renfrew Toronto during an interesting Italian Imersion program accompanied also by Ferrari of Ontario.  Look for MV's at Holts Yorkdale, Sherway, and Bloor locations.b2ap3_thumbnail_f3ago_20141014-210123_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_yorkdalemv.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_bloormv.jpg

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MV Agusta F3 800 "GIACOMO AGOSTINI" Special Limited Production #42 of 300

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_f3ago.jpgThe Dukes Of Cycle are honoured to uncrate and deliver the first and only "AGO" edition F3800 in Canada.   Congrats to the customer.

Its on display until the 19th at Holt Renfrew Mens department at Bay and Bloor, Toronto.  Also, delivered by The Dukes.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1376.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1381.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1390.jpg

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MV Agusta Brutale 990R DOC Build.

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

2011 MV Brutale 990R with a tremendous amount of slick revving HP and torque like no other in the world.  What a treat to ride.!! 

A pleasure to build.  MV Brutales should be ridden by all!  My favourite ride bar none.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1427.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1459.jpg

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Dukes Of Cycles custom 996/1099 still working like a charm..

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

12000km service and damn Ohlins fork seals leaking...No problem at The Dukes.

We'll get Scotto back on the road to enjoy his beast of a 996.  What a ride.  Definitely one of my fave's.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1464.jpg

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Ohlins Shock Rebuild... Yes We Can!

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

Ducati 916 suspension needing attention. Starting with shock. Not in the greatest shape. We'll get her dialed piece at a time.

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MV Brutale 990R engine upgrade!!

Posted by on in The Dukes of Cycle Blog

An already awesome powered and smooth motor getting revised rings, some mild porting, an adjustment to squish.. (of course).., dynamic balancing and a performance clutch. All to make an insanely fast and fun motorcycle!!

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